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me: back from San Diego! and tired af! really hoping to tag back plotty / not-yet-req-length threads tomorrow when I will also hopefully be less tired. though I don't imagine myself actually making reqs for July, I just hate dropping threads so early. obvs if it's been too long don't feel obligated to tag back.

Noah: I've decided to finally sex swap him before the shit hits the fan with the Unmaker plot, and he's going to be



probably doing this early August, but if anyone wants to private pre-play anything lmk because you know how week-long plots are.

Baz: was just kidnapped by his boyfriend-turned-dragon and that needs to be played. Also just lost one of his best friends and is gonna have a major sad. :(((((((((((((((((((( and Saoise won't let him heal her arm why -______-

Matthias: is in the process of learning secrets about his girlfriend? possibly?? maybe will try to track down Khylen to no end? lol... other than that, not much going on and all around pretty happy! should do a gym bros post at some point.

someday I want him to learn about the POI group though, randomly XD

Lila: pregnant and trying to deal with it. still not telling anyone! probably up to other things but I'm v tired right now.

Nicaise: well he watched Laurent be kidnapped by a dragon so there's another thing to add to his ptsd. XD also still needs to be resolved as we started threading right before my trip. Aaand he also watched Aggie raise someone from the dead or something lol.


Jul. 10th, 2017 07:31 pm
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me: Welp maybe I should just admit that something is probably wrong with me. I'm tired all the time, like legit fatigued. It doesn't matter if I sleep 6 hours, 8, 10 - I've even woken up after sleeping for 12 hours and I've still felt like crap. Part of it is probably my diet, as I've done a terrible job at eating healthy for awhile now. Vegan =/= healthy and I skip a lot of meals and I eat chips for meals and ramen and other garbage because of tl;dr reasons about my living situation and also...I'm tired. And depressed a lot. And so motivation for making myself food is just not there. And then my job leaves me even more exhausted, because kids are exhausting.

Part of it may also be that technically I'm supposed to be using a CPAP machine, and I'm not. (I don't even have one.) And there may be some underlying issue, I don't know. Maybe I have chronic fatigue. Point is, I should probably see a doctor, but I've been dragging my feet over it forever.

So basically, the tagging situation for me has sucked for awhile. And I feel bad about it a lot, and I feel like no one gives a crap about my pups because I'm not keeping up with tagging, etc. SO HI I'M A MESS, WELCOME TO MY SOTP.

Noah: He had a fun time at Pride, though he was recently Very Stressed over Ronono falling into a magical coma ala Sleeping Beauty. And now he's stressed because Ronono's mom just sort of poofed into existence and things with her didn't end well back home.

Still bitter I couldn't come with something good for him for the fairy tale plot.

I assume he'll do something with the Unmaker plot?? Like he's probably gonna be a bit freaked out despite being tied to the talisman, because yo, dis how he die-dies. But I'd have to re-read it and it's a lot.

Baz: Is doing well, except that his boyfrand has turned into a giant dragon and has kidnapped him and others and who's running Green Gardens?? lmao

I feel like there should be some sort of group thread for people kidnapped by Simon since they'll all be in the same area, but idk if peeps would be into that?

Matthias: Matty is doing well, though I feel like I don't get him out enough. He and Baz are always so quiet to me, which doesn't mean I love them any less, they're just not as social so sometimes I feel like they get forgotten. :(

I was planning on doing a fairytale version of Tarzan (which I know isn't a fairytale but shh) / the boy who was raised by wolves with him, but again this requires writing up a start and I'm like, does anyone care? Where do I go with it? I just like the idea of him being jungle-y and having a wolf pack idk idk ^^

Lila: Is doing less well, because she's pregnant and doesn't want it. She hasn't told anyone yet, though lol because Kell has. She might tell someone(s) if it comes up organically or for a particular reason, but she also might try to hide it until she basically can't anymore.

I was gonna do a Peter Pan and/or Robin Hood thing with her but GUESS WHAT I SUCK

I also owe a start for Karen from like 5 years ago


Nicaise: Is not having his best month, as he is apparently going to witness his friend resurrect someone from the dead, and then his guardian is stolen by a dragon, and then he's going to be trapped in a cabin with Liesel ala Hansel and Gretel. (another start I need to write. eep)

Aside from all this, I want him to get into ballet, and I want him to start high school when school starts back up. I've been saying he's been homeschooled by Laurent for now, and trying to catch up on what Darrow would expect him to know education-wise.

Queue: I should probably be responsible and say no one since I'm already this slow with the pups I do have, at least for now.
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I've been torn between announcing a slowatus in the comm and just...pretending like I can handle my shit. But I do want to apologize for how slow and late my tags have been. I've been saying that a lot lately, and complaining about my own inability to either a) have time to tag, b) be awake enough to write, c) have the ability to focus on a n y t h i n g.

In general I tend to sneak a lot of tags at work while the kids play/nap, but for the past month the family I work for hasn't had AC and it's effecting my motivation to exist. Their house is second level, meaning their basement is actually mostly ground-level, so it makes the house that much hotter without an AC. We spend a lot of time outside where it's actually cooler somehow, and in said basement (which is not as cool as a typical basement would be). It sucks.

Add to all this: our HOUSE. The house that we're seriously going to move into....SOMEDAY. We are, thank god, ACTUALLY at the very end of it all. We've been saying that a lot, but we really are this time. But this also means that a lot is now falling on us. We've been in the process of deep cleaning the tile floor, cleaning the new hardwood floors, cleaning the sockets/light switches, and I just spent an hour vacuuming the concrete basement floor because it was so dusty from mudding. We should be getting the inspection for occupancy next week. We also have to buy blinds (which still confounds me), a glass shower door, a washer/dryer, and an AC. (A microwave, a bed set, various furniture, put floor down in the basement....on and on)

Anyway, I'm behind on everything. My mental health has been a disaster. I've read like 10 books this year. I am seasons behind on almost all the shows I watch and there are so many I haven't even started. I've been trying to consistently work out and it hasn't been...working out. I have no idea where all the time goes, aside from Tuesdays - Fridays I basically get home from work, eat, exercise (maybe), shower, and go to bed. Uggghh. I just want to sleep, all the time.

So I super apologize for how bad I've been at managing rp threads and time. This weekend is gonna be busy for me, but here's hoping next week is better.
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This is how crazy/annoying Will's mother is: I made myself a smoothie and it was enough for 2 cups so I put one in the fridge for later. She comes upstairs, looks in the fridge, and complains loudly that she was going to put her bottle of water in the fridge but now she can't because there's a "cup of crap" in it.

Like my smoothie is taking up the entire inside of the fridge.

And it isn't just random complaining, either, she knows I made the smoothie and I put it in there. Her complaints are always very specifically toward me, despite the fact that I keep all of my things out of the general living area of the house and take up very little space in both refrigerators.

Just documenting this so when we move I can look back and remember fondly~ the kind of stupid shit I had to put up with so I have an excuse to never come back and visit.


May. 2nd, 2017 07:22 pm
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SOooooooooo I haven't tagged anything since last Wednesday, and I've felt incredibly unmotivated and anxious as far as the game goes. (I think the loss of motivation is a general depression thing more than a game-specific thing fwiw.) And now I just feel guilty and lost.

Tomorrow is a bad tagging day especially, because it's when the kids' grandpa comes and mows the lawn for 6 hours and it makes it difficult to sneak tags. XD Tonight, I go to bed soon. But tl;dr I want to try and get back into things.

There are some things I want to keep tagging, but I think for my sanity I'm going to have to drop the majority of my threads and try to be more mindful about how many I take on at a given time so I don't overwhelm myself going forward (I always say this. I need a minder.).

Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to continue, or if you've dropped threads as well so it would be a wasted effort on my part to keep tagging a certain thread, OR if there's something new you'd like me to tag.

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I didn't think it was worth posting in the comm, but I feel like my tags have been so few and far between and slow for the past two weeks that I might as well be on a Slowatus~. I'm trying to get them and also keep up, but I haven't been able to get much sleep the past week, on top of working on the house my bf and I are moving into (sometime soon??) so I've been kind of a mess with rp.

so tl;dr apologies for being slow/non-existent some days. All my threads are super important to me and I don't want anyone to think otherwise. <3
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SOTP stuff stresses me out, but here's things:

Noah - I'm still ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about this guy. He's not up to anything in particular. I don't have any plots going for him, or any plans, and I'm wondering if that's a problem or if it's okay that he's just existing right now. It's just weird for me because I feel like in a way he's always been my happiest, loudest pup, but right now I feel a little lost with him.

He has a tl at the St Patricks party if anyone wants to thread.

Baz - Green Gardens has officially~ opened and I'm really happy the place has non-NPC workers and even two non-NPC kids living there currently. So he's in a very happy place right now with all of that. If anyone has a pup who wants to work with kids or in some other capacity, just let Sarah or I know!

Matthias - Matthew is going to disappear early next week, and it's probably going to gut him. Despite his hardened soldier upbringing~ Matthias is actually a deeply loving person, and a dumb romantic, and Matthew had just moved in with him- even though Dutch hadn't he was still planning to build them all a qt house when the weather got better and make a little life.

I'm not sure exactly what he's going to do- like he might worry all the time about Dutch leaving next, especially because he's already lost Inej the first time, and Jesper- but he's going to be v sad.

Lila - Lila has a bad case of me needing to do stuff with her, but not actually doing it.

* She's in a prank war with Sirius and James, but we haven't threaded any of the pranks.

* She knows Solo's identity now and has probably been lowkey stalking him to find out more about him, possibly to ruin any of his future heists.

* Has been thieving in general here and there, but that's difficult to convey in threads? Like I could EP her stealing but the logistics of how other people would tag that make my head hurt. I'd LOVE to have her team up with another thief-y pup and have them steal something together. AND I wanted to do something involved with superheroes like she's some kind of Catwoman (although the Bat-crew don't have superpowers, but then Catwoman also doesn't know magic)

* Thieves guild?

* Girl gang?

* Uh I still want her to have a baby with Kell XD

* Her item post! But this can happen at any time.

...I just haven't done any of it. /o\ Other than that, she's in love~ with Kell and also pointedly trying to not Feel Things about Tauriel disappearing.

Nicaise - He's hopefully making some friends his age (they've all had like 1 on-going thread, but still), which is new for him. He also has some adult friends who don't want to use him for their own schemes~ which is also new. He doesn't completely trust it/them/anything lol but he's trying to adapt. Darrow is totally different from anything he's ever experienced, and even if he has lived things that have pushed him beyond childhood, he is still a kid.

He loves Laurent so much. He got his stitches out, he's going to therapy, he has a doggo. He had an EP recently but if anyone wants any private threads or anything I'm always happy to play him.

Me - haha well my health could be a lot better, my mental health could be better, my job could be better, my own weird paranoia that no one likes me could go away. So basically, same old. As always I apologize for being such a slow tagger. I always feel like I'm never tagging fast enough to hold anyone's interest.

We're in the process of moving, SORT OF. It's like, so close to being done, but also not that it's driving me nuts. Once I get out of this house I'm really hoping my quality of life fucking goes up some. I'll have a kitchen to cook in, a space to work out (thus upping my physical health), I'll be able to shower without it being an apocalyptic choice, I'll be able to do literally anything without being criticized and yelled at (thus upping my mental health). I'm in my fucking thirties, my life is a joke. I can't wait to just live apart from these people and be able to go to bed without the house being noisy af, and my cat be able to roam the house without it being a big deal. etc etc /VENT

Future pups - idk probably no one. I feel like I'm already slow enough with tags that adding another pup would be a bad idea. However, I still want to play a comic book character because I love comic books. And I am so obsessed with the Red Rising series that I'd LOVE to app someone from it, but I also don't know who. I started the third book last night and I just can't tell if there's a better book series in the world, aside from The Dark Tower which is lodged in my heart forever.


Dec. 14th, 2016 10:00 am
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Mostly I'm writing this for...

Lila Bard

Soooo I've been wanting to do a crime plot with Lila for a long time. Something like Darrow's own Catwoman or Black Cat. In canon Lila isn't a big time criminal or anything. She's a petty thief to survive on the streets, and then an Official Thief for Alucard's privateering crew. In Darrow, she pretty much has fuck all to do without her pirate dreams to chase, and without Book Plots and constant near death adventures. In Darrow, Lila has been working to move up in the thieving world, and has been inspired by Silk to use her Sarows persona to do so. (Sorry, Silk!) SO:

Law enforcement pups may be aware of a string of burglaries to some of Darrow's finer stores. Jewelry, mostly, and money from safes. (Which would appear to have been opened naturally, but were opened using her magic ability to manipulate metal.) Video won't show anything, as she'll have used her magic to crush them.

She'll be wearing all black, and her Sarows/Essen Tasch mask, which canon describes as:

The interior had been lined with dark metal, so cleanly made and shaped that it looked poured instead of hammered. Calla hadn’t disposed of the leather demon mask, not entirely, but she’d taken it apart and made something new. The lines were clean, the angles sharp. Where simple black horns had once corkscrewed up over the head, now they curled back in an elegant way. The brow was sharper, jutting forward slightly like a visor, and the bottom of the mask, which had once ended on her cheekbones, now dipped lower at the sides, following the lines of her jaw. It was still a monster’s face, but it was a new breed of demon.

Lila slid the mask over her head. She was still wondering at the beautiful, monstrous thing when Calla handed her something else. It was made of the same black leather, and lined with the same dark metal, and it shaped a kind of crown, or a smile, the sides taller than the center. Lila turned it over in her hands, wondering what it was for, until Calla retrieved it, swept around behind her, and fastened the plate around her throat.

“To keep your head on your shoulders,” said the woman, who then proceeded to clasp the sides of the neck guard to small, hidden hinges on the tapered sides of the mask. It was like a jaw, and when Lila looked at her reflection, she saw her features nested within the two halves of the monster’s skull. She broke into a devilish grin, her teeth glinting within the mouth of the helmet.

If anyone wants to thread anything to do with this, fellow thieves or general shady folks, superheroes or law enforcement type pups, please let me know. I don't plan on having her end up in jail, but we'll see. Mostly I'd like it to resolve from other influences, if it resolves.

Moving on...Read more... )
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can people just like me and want to thread with me?

thanks <3

good night forever lol

Darrow 2

Aug. 23rd, 2016 11:08 am
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I'm a little bit overwhelmed with this plot, not in what I want my pups to BE, but more like who I can thread with and what I can actually do with them. So anyone who wants to play with any of mine in particular pls let me know. I'm also cool with pre/slow play.

Here's what I got in terms of alts:

Noah was murdered by his friend, Whelk, as a sacrifice to wake a dormant ley line, but the sacrifice backfired. The line awoke, but because of the dark nature of Cabeswater, Noah came back as a malevolent demonic spirit. After killing Whelk in revenge, Noah then moved on to Darrow 2. Here he found a kindred spirit, so to speak, in Dean Winchester. An even more powerful demon, Noah follows Dean's lead like a good little minion, and they've been raising hell ever since.

As qt as regular Noah is, this Noah is evil. If anyone would like anything mean to happen to their pups, just let me know what you have in mind and we can make it happen! He'll probably be wandering between Darrows messing with people (he can still hear thoughts, for one thing).

With this version of Baz, the vampires never attacked Watford, and so his mother wasn't killed and he was never bitten by a vampire. Baz had a normal childhood, and though he tends on the nerdy overachiever side, he's mostly well-adjusted and happy. However, he never got to know the Simon Snow in his world, he was always too shy to approach him at school. During Baz's senior year, Simon defeated the Humdrum and died in doing so. He's a legend among all mages. Later, Baz was taken to Darrow 2 where he's currently attending business college.

Most of my plans with Bazzle are to have him see that Simon is alive, and tell prime!Simon about his fight with the Humdrum etc. Also in Darrow 2 he is/was dating Bitty so that will horrify prime!Baz. >.> He's pretty normal~ but I'd love to get him involved with...something.

When Matthias was a young boy, his family was killed in a Grisha raid. He was taken in by the drüskelle, only the drüskelle weren't an army, but a covert group of assassins dedicated to eradicating their supernatural enemies, the Grisha. Matthias was mentored under the best of the best, and with each tallied kill a little more of his humanity died away. When he came to Darrow 2 none of that changed, but there were no longer any Grisha to target. Now he's an assassin for hire, specializing in magic using individuals. When he's lucky he gets to work with his partner, Dutch.

ANOTHER MEAN PUP DOING MEAN THINGS. This is basically super hardcore sociopath Matthias. He's a gun for hire for anyone who's willing to pay, working with Dutch and Philip and something with Matthew? If anyone wants an assassin after their pup, or if your alt pup is an assassin/hitperson/crime lord/mob boss/mafia/etc then our pups would probably know, or know OF, each other.

There isn't an alt!Lila because I didn't know what to do with her plot-wise, and also because prime!Lila is going to be heavily involved with alt!Kell trying to combine their Antari powers to gtfo of all Darrows. It isn't going to end well. I'm not sure how/if this will affect any of her current relationships, as she's basically just going to fuck off, as she does, but if anyone would notice her being gone she'll probably be in Darrow2 with the other Kell? (I think?)

Also if Kate gets imprisoned for trying to get Newt out of prison, she'll be trying to break her out (possibly with alt!Kell if Sarah wants to).

I haven't given much thought to what my other prime pups will be up to! There is so much.


Jun. 23rd, 2016 03:22 pm
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I feel like I'm far too tired today to write up a proper SOTP, but I figured I'd throw something together. This morning I burst a blood vessel in my tongue thanks to my vm, and my vm in general has been swelling up/causing headaches/general discomfort but yay @ me because I can't seem to get any insurance so there's not much I can do about it at the moment. I got steroids for my tongue, though, so maybe they'll magically fix my swelling problems! probably not.

I was supposed to start work back up today, so if I feel better it will be tomorrow. How this affects rp is that I'm going to have to start going to bed earlier again. Way earlier. And also now that I'll be watching a 3 month old and a toddler I'm not sure how many tags I'll be able to sneak in while at work. Hopefully their naptimes sync up? idk. Plus I am watching a different child on Mondays. PLUS our house repairs are endless fml.


Noah - Has been doing well in general. I stuck him into the hallucination plot because I feel like I don't do enough with his whole Ghost thing now that he's relatively safe of decaying/on a linear timeline. There was also the recent truth plot which brought some of that into light. But mostly I wanted to remind him that HE'S NEVER SAFE. because I'm mean. so he hallucinated that he was "dying". Lasting effects remain to be seen, as all I've threaded with him after that were some threads at the solstice thing, but he was high, so.

Sometimes I have a difficult time maintaining the spoons to play out sad stuff over multiple threads, so I've been kind of slow with his post, but thank you to everyone who tagged it, I love all the threads so much. <3

My one future plot thing with Noah is that he and Poison are supposed to start this Heidelberg-esque art project in a neighborhood in Darrow. We even have permission for a specific block from the mods, but there has just been so much going on in the game I haven't gotten around to doing anything with this yet. SOON. Any art-inclined pups who would be interested in getting in on this will be able soon as I kick it into gear.

No other future plans I can currently think of ?? but Noah is so easy, I can play him anywhere/with anyone.

Baz - Recently Simon turned into a wee babby with no memory of post-babbyness, which means he was a SAD ORPHAN THAT BROKE BAZ'S HEART. And Baz, knowing at least vaguely of Simon's childhood, tried to give Simon the childhood he never had (ie; a dad, having fun, magic). We're still playing this out though, so it remains to be seen how Simon will be doing after the plot is over. I was going to do a hallucination thing with Baz where he was trapped in a coffin to sort of trigger when he was kidnapped in canon, but I feel like he just deserves to be happy for a little while and I'm not sure he really needs to be further traumatized in that regard.

I have no plots / future plans for Baz that I can think of, but I feel like I should do something relating to his vampire-ness. idk idk. I'm not worried about him not doing things for now, but at the same time because he's so introverted and not very personable I worry about him being too quiet.

EDIT: well in September for his birthday he'll be getting his inheritance from his mother's death, so that's a thing

Matthias - Matthias just had an embarrassing-ish truthplot, which impacted his current relationship more than messing with his head or anything. (He also had a very mature talk with Agatha, I just had to mention that because it was cute.) ANYWAY... Today I really need to get a private post for him up for his hallucination, which will be that the druskelle are in Darrow and are going to burn his magic-user friends at the stake 8) so that will be a super fun time.

Someday future plot: I want him to build a log cabin in the woods...! and take his baes with him. and be a hot lumberjack. I said this in my last SOTP so, you know, slow going with me on everything. Game-wide plots and things keep taking up all my time. XD

He does not have a job and I don't know if I should get him one or what he could be good at.

Lila - My favorite semi-sociopathic hellion daughter. She recently did the truthplot thing which shook her up really badly, triggering her past bad experience with her father/sex/trust/men in general. However, it didn't totally drive her away from Kell, and actually she's sort of more about it? Because he's the one person she trusts, which is also scary for her, but not enough to avoid him entirely. Truthplot also drove her into secluding herself in her Secret Warehouse where she practiced magic so hard that she nearly pushed herself too far (again). BUT she can now manipulate earth, so those are all four elements, which leads her to believe she's Antari or something like it. Blood and bone are next. I'm a little scared of her mastering bone because it's against the law in Red to use it against someone, but...she isn't in Red, and it's Lila. And it's a really bad line to cross, but's Lila.

Future plot / plans: SO MANY

- If I get permission, her item is going to be the ship she burned down in book one, which she will want to fix up and move into, which will be an on-going project. She won't be able to sail very far, obviously, but it's something.

- Brad wants to do a heist plot with Solo and other thieves, and while Lila has never been a large-scale thief (she mainly thieved because a) she likes it b) to survive) she will be SO into this.

- Which may or may not lead her into becoming a sort of Catwoman character (also Brad's suggestion). BECAUSE CATWOMAN. And if there's going to be a Darrow Justice League, there have to be some playing character foils, and...CATWOMAN. She can hum her Sarows song while robbing banks and museums and jewelry stores.


- Has to up her magic game with Kell. Has to get over her intimacy / trust fears with Kell and other people in general. Has to have sex with a condom sometime? Or not. Because.

- Has ended up with multiple dads even though she HATES FEELINGS, ESPECIALLY DAD FEELINGS. which isn't a future thing it just makes me happy.

- Would like to thread with everyone even though she's not good with people.

OH YEAh. Possibly FUTURE PUPS?: I am currently into Laura Kinney aka formerly X-23 aka Wolverine. But I have a lot of back issues to read, so I'm not sure when.

Also maybe cute Teddy from Young Avengers?

Or maybe another superhero in general. I've been getting back into comics majorly and it's making me want to play one bad. The hardest part is the sheer girth of canon for most comic book characters, and how to condense that into a somewhat believable timeline because that is the kind of brain I have. I'm so anal to details, that decades of life experiences in a 20-something age character is just overwhelming for me. Which is why Laura and Teddy are pretty safe choices, or a newer character. (Nova? Kamala? The other lesbian Spider-Woman character Scott likes? Someone)


May. 2nd, 2016 03:26 pm
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Me: I'm still not working due to kid's mom's maternity leave, but endless house renovations continue. Will and I are shooting to move in by the end of the month, and since our painter turned out to be a complete fail Will has now decided that means I get to paint the main floor with his friend. I have never painted a house before, I have met this guy once. My social anxiety is already giving me vapors and I haven't even done anything yet. Also, our handyman has gone MIA. He hasn't been to the house in over a week and when I called his cell phone it's been disconnected. So...yeah. I emailed him because mostly I'm just hoping he isn't DEAD, but no reply yet. Next steps are also redoing the entire kitchen, getting our hardwood floors installed...and so on and so on forever.

Anyway tl;dr sometimes tag backs are gonna be slow due to house stuff.

Noah: I think the biggest thing for me about Noah is that TRK fucked me up and I think I'm projecting a little onto my pup. /o\ So there's a bit more angst there than is probably valid? I also got kinda jossed in terms of some things so that's fun. (I was re-reading his debut EP and hiding my eyes in horror lol good times) B U T anyway he's doing...okay? It's been a month since GAPS and Gansey disappearing, and he's coping. I think some of his ennui tbh comes with his friends being unwell. :( because he is made of empathy and compassion. (I saw that on tumblr and I'm sticking with it)

I have no plot plans for him, but I'd love to do something with him, so if anyone needs a ghost for something lmk.

Baz: Brutha has been off the map. Simon was super traumatized by GAPS so they've basically hibernated into their apartment, and they take walks in the park (Eliiiiiza) but he hasn't really been out and about. I think soon Simon is turning into a babby so Baz will be Big Brother to his boyfriend for a bit. I feel in my heart like he's taken a temporary leave of absence from Semele's until Simon's able to cope better, but I think he's still working the undercover vampire gig at night.

Lika Noah, Baz is also in need of plot. :E

Matthias: I feel like I need to get him out more, idek he's just such a quiet giant. I kind of want him to get a job, but I don't know what. My brain keeps telling me construction, just because he's so large and muscled and he really has no experience beyond much of anything beyond soldiering. I kind of would also love him to be a bouncer at Kaz's club, but that's a ways off. BUT the Most Exciting is that he has a girlfrand. XD Which makes him so super happy. He has some lingering guilt/confusion regarding Nina and his feelings toward her, but...he's had such a big crush on Dutch so he's pretty *____* about it. Also something might happen with Matthew lol. UM And he's still working through his feelings about magical people, and he's been pretty insistently checking on Agatha.

OKAY so there is a thing I want to do with him, and it's silly but whatever. Matthias is not a city guy, he likes nature and quiet and ice aaaand I want him to build himself a log cabin in the woods. XD So if anyone would like to lumberjack with him he could probably use help.

Lila: YO MY GIRL. She's been here almost a month, and she has not done enough damage. Two big things on Lila's Nope List:
- Feelings
- Being stuck somewhere
She hasn't really gotten to the feelings thing, she's too new to have developed any strong bonds with anyone she can try and flee from, but she is trapped in Darrow and she Does Not Like It. I feel like at this point she'd be setting things on fire.

If anyone has a pup who likes to get up to no good PLEASE LET US PLAN MAYHEM.

Also does anyone have a ship...? Even a fuckin sailboat?

I could write an entire essay about Lila and things I want to do with her, but I've completely lost steam on this post. idk everyone play with me bye.

Also: Lila has a top level in the Costume Shop post, and Noah has a top level in Kieren's zombie post if anyone wants to thread with them.


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